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9 Rescue Dogs Settling Into Their Forever Homes

I'm not crying, you're crying!

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1. This little lady who can't believe how cozy her life is.

2. And this one who can't stop smiling.

3. This lady who wanted to stay awake to enjoy the moment but can't help but resting her eyes for a bit.

4. And this one who is just soaking it all in.

5. This guy who just can't believe he found his forever home AND got a comfy new bed.

6. This gentleman who found his perfect snuggle spot.

7. And this pup who doesn't want any pictures, please!

8. This one (understandably) freaking the F out.

9. And finally, this cutie who looks right at home because he finally is!

If you're interested in getting a pup of your own, check out your local shelter, Humane Society, or Pet Finder!

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