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    23 Reasons Moms Are The Best

    As if you had doubts.

    1. They are extremely patient.

    2. Like REALLY patient.

    3. They give you confidence to take risks and try new things.

    4. They comfort you when you're sad.

    5. They deserve awards for putting up with you sometimes.

    6. They put up with driving you and your friends around.

    7. They make sure you get all your nutrients.

    8. They are the best to goof around with.

    9. They make sure you have the best views.

    10. Awkward phase? Always stood by you.

    11. Even the REALLY awkward ones...

    12. Did we talk about their patience yet?

    13. They know just how to cheer you up after a horrible day.

    14. They help you when you get yourself in stupid predicaments.

    15. But will tell you if you're being an idiot.

    16. They show you how to have fun.

    17. They understand your humor so much you wonder why you bother with other people

    18. They are the BEST nap time buddies.

    19. They forgive you when you mistake someone or something else for them.

    20. They are unbelievably cool, even if you don't always give them credit for it.

    21. Nowhere feels quite like home like them.

    22. Basically, they are the absolute best...

    23. So if ya got a mama, send her some extra TLC today!