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    25 Real Life Angry Birds

    Angry birds don't just live on your phone: they're real life. Why so angry, birds?

    1. She can't believe you told everyone her middle name is "Maurice."

    2. She's pissed off that you forgot her birthday.

    3. He's still angry at that thing you did over a year ago.

    4. She will never forgive you for waking her up before her alarm.

    5. She just can't stand the sound of your voice.

    6. He's sick of you picking him up so he's plotting your demise.

    7. He's just plain grumpy for no good reason.

    8. He's over you taking his picture.

    9. She's just generally sick of your shit.

    10. He's pissed that you ran that red light.

    11. He's cheesed off you blamed your fart on him.

    12. She's annoyed you keep trying to dress him up.

    13. He's quietly fuming at your decision to pursue the arts.

    14. She's furious you didn't put the toilet seat down.

    15. He's just got a case of the "hangries."

    16. He knows he's beautiful and wishes you would quit staring.

    17. He's protesting the 1 percent.

    18. He's sick of asking you to keep it down.

    19. She just doesn't like your face.

    20. She's disgusted you wore that to meet her parents.

    21. He wants you to get the hell off of his lawn.

    22. This guy's annoyed at what you call a "sense of humor."

    23. He's fuming that you keep ringing his doorbell.

    24. She's incredulous you came to this party uninvited.

    25. Overall, he's sick of the "Angry Bird" stereotype and cordially invites you to fuck off.