This Rat Took Some Pizza On The Subway And Everyone Lost Their Shit

“Live your best life.”

1. Sept. 21, 2015, marks a momentous occasion on the internet. It is the day that Matt Little, a comedian in NYC, posted a video of Pizza Rat.

2. We always knew there would be a day when rats took over the subway. Today could very well mark the very beginning…

3. People seemed to be immediately inspired by Pizza Rat.

4. But some brought up some problematic parts of Pizza Rat’s story.

5. Some people expressed jealousy…

6. …some, outright respect.

Pizza Rat is a better NYC ambassador than Taylor Swift 🍕🐭🍕

— Danielle Henderson (@knottyyarn)

7. …and some were surprised to see their past in the news.

so excited my ex-boyfriend has at last found internet fame #pizzarat

— Keely Flaherty (@)

8. Everyone started planning their Halloween costumes.

New York's hottest Halloween costume has arrived #pizzarat

— Brian Ries (@moneyries)

9. Most importantly though, pizza rat reminded us to always reach for our dreams.

Thank you, #PizzaRat

— BuzzFeed Animals (@BuzzFeedAnimals)

11. Good job, Pizza Rat. I’m proud of you.

12. BuzzFeed has reached out to the poster, Matt Little, for comment.

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