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19 Purritos

Purrito: A cat or kitten wrapped up like a delicious burrito; may induce "cute aggression.

1. This lesson in purrito making.

2. This sleepiest of purritos.

3. This to-go purrito.

4. This post-bath purrito.

5. This "Super Green" purrito.

6. This purrito trio.

7. Hey, paper purritos count too!

8. This sleepy, delicious delight of a purrito.

9. This sassy purrito.

10. This little purrito comin' undone.

11. These teeny tiny precious purrito.

12. This large purrito with extra sour cream.

13. This epic purrito.

14. This purrito who added a little patten for flare.

15. This purrito champion.

16. This annoyed purrito.

17. This adorable little purrito who knows what colors work for him.

18. Basically, purritos make the world a better place...

19. But be careful, sometimes purritos can become 3D!