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    Pup Holders: The Internet's Cutest New Trend

    A car ride has never been this adorable.

    1. Some pups are so small they need a booster cup...

    2. Some are too big and they have to find new ways to participate in this trend...

    3. And some are just right!

    4. No matter the size, all cars come with the chance for adorable puppy antics.

    5. All is fair in love and adorableness.

    6. Although this darlingness isn't exactly fair to the heart.

    7. A little holder, the perfect fit for an adorable smoosh?

    8. Seriously, what more could you want in life??

    9. Pup holders, so hot right now.

    10. Pup holders.

    11. Caution: This cuteness overload can be dangerous for driving.