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18 Pugs Who Demand To Be Taken Seriously

Respect the pug.

1. This pug who needs you to shut the hell up, this is a LIBRARY.

2. This pug who's business is majesty and he takes it VERY seriously.

3. These mean muggin' pugs challenging you to a drag race.

4. This pug who wants you to get out of this car wash immediately, Cheryl. You are causing a scene.

5. This pug who needs you to back off his boyfriend, alright?

6. This pug who steals apples like he means it. Because he does.

7. This pug who needs you to stop so he can concentrate on trying out this whole inception thing.

8. This pug who would really like you to put away your camera and enjoy the moment for once.

9. This pug who really doesn't want to say "quiet on set" one more effing time.

10. This lady who realizes she is trapped in a shoe but doesn't want you to avoid the subject of your poor grades, Jeremy.

11. This mama who has places to go and people to see, damnit!

12. This pug who has a balloon and is not afraid to pop it.

13. This Easter bunny who takes her job VERY seriously and does not appreciate you stealing all her eggs.

14. This pug who will NOT be upstaged by some "human baby".

15. And this gentleman who takes snack time to new, artful levels.

16. This robber who would like you to just put the hot dogs in the bag and step away.

17. This lady who is chasing her dreams in the big city and doesn't care who knows it.

18. And this ride or die bitch who is getting places one slow ride at a time.