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    19 Pugs Distraught Over The Jonas Brothers' Canceled Tour

    Life is just so unfair.

    1. "Internal dispute? Just zip me up right here. Goodbye, world."

    2. "But how could they just cancel like that?"

    3. "I made this hat so Joe could see me from the what?"

    4. "But they seem like best friends!"

    5. "I knew Nick's muscles would tear them apart."

    6. "Is it Danielle? Is she their Yoko? I trusted her."

    7. "Just flush me down, I have no purpose anymore."


    9. "I promised myself I wouldn't cry."

    10. "Now I have to stay home and listen to DJ remixes of their songs instead. Help."

    11. "Was my outfit too 'Gaga'?"

    12. "I feel like my whole life has just been one Disney-fueled lie."

    13. "I need a moment to myself."

    14. "No. No use in trying to sooth my scorned soul."

    15. "If the JoBros break up, my heart will literally split in two."

    16. "I appreciate the monetary refund but they can never refund my heart."

    17. "But I did my chores and you promised. THEY PROMISED."

    18. "I will never recover from this loss."

    19. "One Direction is still together...right?"

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