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    16 Cats Who Have Mastered Civil Disobedience

    No matter what, cats know how to get their points across.

    1. This cat protesting his human's complete refusal to respect his spot.

    2. This cat bravely protesting PDA.

    3. This cat not so subtly protesting his human's choice in furniture.

    4. This cat who has been waiting for 6 hours for you to find her so you can really start questioning your T.V. use.

    5. This cat who knows the right way to keep the channel on "The Bachelor".

    6. The cat taking a stand against his human's use of BOTH the T.V. and computer.

    7. This cat bravely protesting the dog's perceived entitlement of the larger bed.

    8. This cat protesting morning breath beautifully.

    9. This cat refusing to do the dishes in the most noble of ways.

    10. This cat who does not appreciate your tone and will not respond to it.

    11. This cat protesting organization in all of its forms...

    12. ...and this cat protesting clutter.

    13. This cat who will always be peacefully clear about her virtues.

    14. This cat who believes a workday should end at 6, no matter what.

    15. This cat doing a sit-in to protest snow in spring.

    16. And perhaps most commendable of all, this cat who will risk wearing down his own spot to ensure another will not use it.

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