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    Proof Cats Are Highly Trained C.I.A. Agents

    Is your cat sneaky, agile and weapon-trained? She's probably a spy.

    1. They are incredibly agile.

    2. They can sneak up on victims without being detected.

    3. They've developed chemicals* to control your mind.

    4. They are masters of disguise.

    5. This allows them to remain invisible even in plain sight.

    6. They know how to transform in seconds.

    7. They speak more languages than they let on.

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    8. They sleep with one eye open.

    9. Their fighting skills are unsurpassed.

    10. A side kick is just a casual Friday for them.

    11. Most importantly, they are extremely brave.

    12. They also are experienced in the quick retreat.

    13. If the fight can't be done one-on-one, they know how to operate the big guns.

    14. They ride tanks with such ease, it's as though they invented them.

    15. Really, they are just well read in military strategy.

    16. They can quickly read and then dispose of confidential documents.

    17. If you come across this room, it is probably the C.I.A.*

    18. Their key defining Spy characteristics? They are sneaky.

    19. Very...

    20. Very...

    21. Sneaky.