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28 Pictures Of Your New Favorite Instagram Duo

Warning: These freckled beauties are about to steal your heart and never give it back.

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1. This is Travis and Gus, two adopted brothers ready to take on the world.

2. This is Travis with some bananas on his head.

3. And this is Gus being his typical goofball self.

5. Obviously, they take winter wear very seriously.

6. Some days they like to dress ALL the way up.

7. And some days they just like to snuggle.

8. Bibliophiles as well? These dogs are almost too much.

9. Most importantly, they know how to do Sundays right: with some snacks and a good read.

11. Neither is afraid to hop on trends. Selfies were big for them this year as well.

12. And they were GOOD at them.

13. Pretty sure they started the bear paw trend of 2013.

14. But they never took themselves too seriously not to party.

15. This one is appropriately titled "The Goofball and the Gentleman."

16. They are more than goofballs — they are high-class models of their human's gorgeous photos.

17. Here they are in a front of a complimentary green car.

19. Looking studly as they park their stuff in tactful rebellion.

20. They've had quite the year: Gus met a pig named Chupa...

21. ...and furthered his research on human-canine communications.

22. Most of this year, Travis spent becoming a fine music connoisseur.

23. A skill they are continuing to perfect is balancing stuff on their heads.

25. ...and a bottle of some fine gin.

26. They even give a shout-out to artistic pup inspiration Maddie.

27. Basically, these two are the cutest ever.

28. Let's get one last "awwww," shall we?

For more on these two cuties, check out their Instagram or some sweet tips on how to be an Instagram sensation!

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