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17 Pictures Of Instagram's Goofiest Best Friends

I want to be their best friend too.

1. This is Indiana and Harlow. They are best friends.

2. Together they are "Harlowien"

3. For Halloween this year, they dressed up as big horned sheep and it was adorable.

4. They love laughing together.

5. And napping, even if when Indi is not tired and has to cover his eyes.

6. According to Indiana, Harlow is always sleepy but really, Indiana just has so much energy!

7. Indi's favorite spot seems to be atop his best friend's sleeping head.

8. Think you're the only one who finds them adorable? Think again.

9. Whenever their playtime gets interrupted, they always seem to look like they've been caught telling secrets.

10. Posed pictures always lend themselves to their matching model poses.

11. Sometimes Indiana annoys Harlow...

12. ...but even when they have their disagreements, they make sure to talk it through.

13. After all, who better to hear a joke with than a best friend?

14. Even though they're usually inseparable, they maintain their own separate interests. Indiana is working on her modeling career.

15. While Harlow's passion is music.

16. Indiana LOVES hearing Harlow sing.

17. Basically, these are the most adorable best friends in the world.

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