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    18 Pictures Of An Ecstatic Orphaned Sun Bear Returning To The Wild

    If you need to see the face of pure joy, look no further than Kala the Sun Bear.

    1. Meet Kala, the most adorable little sun bear!

    2. After her mother was presumably killed by poachers, Kala was sold as an exotic pet.

    3. Luckily, she was brought to Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center (BSBCC) where she's been taken care of for the past few months with the goal of reintroducing her to the wild.

    4. As part of Kala's rehabilitation, she is reintroduced to the forest on walks so she can gain the skills necessary to survive.

    5. And she fit RIGHT in. LOOK AT THAT SMILE!

    6. She's taken to exploring...

    7. ...and is always on the lookout for snacks!

    8. She's still deciding if millipedes are her favorite treat...

    9. ...or if she's more into termites.

    10. Kala really seems ~at one~ with nature and takes these questions VERY seriously.

    11. Making these decisions can be EXHAUSTING.

    12. Like REALLY exhausting.

    13. Besides very important snack decisions, Kala is also very into climbing...

    14. ...chompin'...

    15. ...and philosophizing about the ~ultimate truths~ of the universe.

    16. Ya know, general little bear things.

    17. Most importantly, her wilderness skills are improving every day and she's very enthusiastic about life in the forest.

    18. To follow Kala's story and learn more about the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center check out their Facebook page.

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