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    21 Perfect Reaction GIFs For Every Occasion

    Because sometimes animals can express our feelings better than we can.

    1. When you're trying to tell your BFF about the hunk sitting next to you.

    2. When you're about to leave the house and you know you look great.

    3. When you can't believe how much that smoothie costs.

    4. When your coworker won't stop talking to you when you're super hungover.

    5. When your mom makes you wear the ugly thing your uncle bought you.

    6. When your ex comes into the bar you're hanging out in.

    7. When your crush favs your tweet.

    8. When someone is just RUNNING their mouth.

    9. When your best friend and you say the same thing at the exact same time.

    10. When your crush catches you peekin'.

    11. When someone says something offensive and you're the only one who heard it.

    12. When someone asks you to do something when your favorite show is on.

    13. When you're walking in new heels.

    14. When someone walks in on you singing to yourself.

    15. When someone says they don't "get" Beyoncé.

    16. When you have a meeting first thing Monday morning.

    17. When you go downstairs and realize your roommate invited a bunch of people you don't like over.

    18. When you realize you sent that text to the wrong person.

    19. When the table next to you orders french fries and you stupidly ordered the salad.

    20. When you cannot BELIEVE what your best friend just said.

    21. When you finally see a clear exit to sneak out of a party.

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