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    11 Surefire Ways To Get People To Notice Your Lady Outfit

    Don't worry, ladies, no matter what you do, they'll be lookin' at your shoes.

    1. Become an astronaut!

    Pool / Reuters

    Everyone will be clamoring to hear about your different hair styles!

    2. Become Secretary of State!

    Marvin Gentry / Reuters

    You may think people would discuss your accomplishments instead but you'd be wrong! The great news is that when you bring yourself to "the world stage" it will "include [your] sexuality" even if you didn't mean to!

    3. Give a powerful speech at the U.N. about feminism.

    Carlo Allegri / Reuters

    You really can be giving a speech about anything. As long as you're standing in front of people moving your mouth (or not!), people will focus on the important stuff like your "elegant oatmeal dress" and "brown locks".

    4. Become a Senator!

    Gregory Adams/flickr Editorial / Getty Images

    Gotta get 'em talking about your hair somehow! Really get people talking with the important questions like are you "reviving a dead trend?"

    5. Create the best-selling book series in history!

    AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis, FILE

    Nothing says "better not be unkempt" like creating a magical world!

    6. Really! If you become a successful author, people will love paying attention to your clothes.

    AP Photo/Sunday Alamba, file

    But ya know, make sure you're not too ~girly~ otherwise people "can't take [you] seriously." Girly girls couldn't possibly write novels, right?

    7. Become a Chief of Staff!

    AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File

    Nothing says you "have style and aren't afraid to show it" more than getting down to business in Washington!

    8. Run for President!

    Brian Snyder / Reuters

    Because when the campaign for the highest office is over, you'll finally have someone take "a look back at your year in pantsuits."

    9. Become a scientist!

    Nothing like being prominent in your field to make people stop and notice your hard-earned, "long, youthfully blond hair".

    10. Don't forget! You could become Secretary of State!

    AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

    This is probably the best way to get to talk about "which designers you wear"!

    11. Become an Oprah!

    Fred Prouser / Reuters

    Sorry, only Oprah can become Oprah. But you can try to be ~like~ her. It's really the ideal way to ensure people always critique your "attention grabbing peach colour outfit" on your day off.

    Don't worry if you don't want to be any of these things though! You will undoubtedly get your outfit noticed if you decide to become a mom, a doctor, a student or just walk outside!

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