Our Favorite Dog Couple Has Finally Tied The Knot

    We all saw their love blossom and now the two have finally made it official! Congrats, Pete and Tally!

    After dating Tally for quite some time, Pete decided to finally pop the question.

    He surprised her with a picnic by a romantic fire and asked "will you let me sniff your butt for the rest of our lives?"


    They had a blast registering for their wedding gifts...

    ...and finding a cute house.

    She had an outrageous bachelorette party.

    And he had some fun on his bachelor party as well!

    But neither got into TOO much trouble and came home to each other before the big day.

    Pete made quite the groom in his tux...

    ...and Tally was just beautiful as the bride!

    It's pretty obvious already that the two have quite the marriage ahead of them. Good luck, you two!