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Mr. Magoo: The Blind Cat Who Defied All Odds

If you need some inspiration, Mr. Magoo is your guy!

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Mr. Magoo was found on the mean streets of Philadelphia where he had been living blind for 2 years.

Once he was found, he was put on the list to be euthanized due to his disability and his decreasing health. Luckily, he was matched up with the perfect home where he is able to live a healthy, happy life. Here are just some of the reasons to love Mr. Magoo!

1. He's now an advocate for animals with disabilities.

2. He doesn't need a mirror to know he's beautiful.

3. I mean, look at that smile.

4. He can usually be found deep in thought, contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

5. He knows karate.

6. When he runs for president, this will certainly be his official headshot.

7. He knows the importance of a little "R&R"

8. He sits at the window to listen to the birds.

9. He believes laughing every day is crucial to one's happiness.

10. He's a great listener.

11. And will give you heartfelt and honest advice.

12. He's good at finding the best hiding places.

13. He understands and makes great art.

14. He regularly refines his rockstar status.

15. He can find Easter Baskets better than his sight inclined friends.

16. He exhibits excellent dental hygiene.

17. He even flosses.

18. He has the sweetest dance moves in all the land.

19. He gets fan mail.

20. But he never forgets his family.

21. He's great at interviewing.

22. He does not let his disability get in the way of climbing to the top.

23. Presidential headshot for his second term.

24. He may get to high places but he'll never look down on you.

25. Best of all, he's always smiling.

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