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    Posted on Oct 14, 2015

    17 Itty Bitty Kitty Committees That Run The World

    They're cute and they mean business.

    1. The Sleepy Committee

    Duties: Always make their bed. Stay fresh, stay curious.

    2. The Dog Watchin' Committee

    Duties: Never take eyes, paws, or butts off that dang dog.

    3. The Valentines Committee

    Duties: Always be prepared for Valentine's Day. Even in October.

    4. The Sweet Little Nose Committee

    Duties: Have a sweet little nose, show it off.

    5. The Bug Patrol Committee

    Duties: Train every day to catch bugs, robotic or otherwise. Work as a team.

    6. The Pillow Talk Committee

    Duties: Always hold meetings on pillows.

    7. The Shadow Boxer Committee

    Duties: Shadow box twice a day, then discuss the merits of Plato's allegory.

    8. The Dancin' Committee

    Duties: Come up with sweet head moves, execute said sweet dance moves.

    9. The Witch Committee

    Duties: Check in with former Supreme Itty Bitty Kitty once a week to practice new spells. Always use for good.


    Duties: Practice hiding as fast as possible in scary situations including, but not limited to: a human brings a new friend home, there is a loud noise, a grown cat embarrasses herself.

    11. The Cave Committee

    Duties: Fit in a cute dwelling, sleep as cute as possible.

    12. The Duet Committee

    Duties: Walk in tandem, always stay together.

    13. The Fluffy Committee

    Duties: Remain as fluffy as possible, at all times.

    14. The Brainiac Committee

    Duties: Stay extra sharp, always planning in the event of a dog rebellion.

    15. The Blue Eyed Babe Committee

    Duties: Be blue-eyed babes, always lounge near blue things.

    16. The Pile Committee

    Duties: Get as close as possible during sleeps.

    17. The Sleepover Committee

    Duties: Have rad, well-supervised sleepovers!

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