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    Meet Hank, The Newest Major League Mascot

    He's cute, he's furry, he's everything a baseball team needs.

    This is Hank, the new unofficial mascot of the Milwaukee Brewers.

    He was found roaming around the team's spring training practice field.

    When the team was unable to locate owners, they decided to adopt him as their own, naming him after retired baseball player Hank Aaron.

    So far, he's doing a great job keeping the team in tip top shape.

    As any good mascot, Hank helps the team with his positive attitude.

    He also brings his keen sense of baseball. Rumor has it, he's given the Brewers some never before seen tricks.

    His guidance is simple and clear; "EYE ON THE BALL!" seems to be his favorite thing to shout.

    "Oh man, he's relying too much on his curve ball."

    "A little more squat, and you'll get there!"

    Hank has his own dreams of running all the bases in place of a player at a game.

    Even behind the scenes, he practices his jumps in case he ever needs to catch a fly ball.

    He's stern when he needs to be; he is on top of the team to keep hydrated "or else."

    He often worries about the safety of the catcher so he likes to comfort Jonathan Lucroy during breaks.

    Basically, he's the most adorable mascot anyone could ever hope for. Here's to you, Hank!

    H/T USA Today.