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    21 Dogs Who Will Make You Say "Me As A Dog"

    Turns out, co-evolving causes a lot of similarities between species.

    1. When you realize you are, in fact, turning into your mother.

    2. When you're stuck in a bush but you're just going to have to fake it 'til you make it.

    3. When you get done watching Lemonade with your S.O.

    4. Or when your significant other comes home late after you finish it.

    5. When you get caught for stealing that little extra pizza money.

    6. When your regrets catch up to you.

    7. When you're going to sleep and you remember that embarrassing thing you did in fifth grade.

    8. When you start prioritizing fitness.

    9. And when you finally start doing sit-ups and you have to lie down for an hour.

    10. When someone tells you to "think fast."

    11. When you catch the subway/bus right before it leaves.

    12. When you try to go to sleep early and just end up scrolling through your phone for hours.

    13. When you look at your bank account after a long night out.

    14. When you just don't want to get up.

    15. When you can't hear someone's question but you nod and say "yes."

    16. When you run into an ex.

    17. When someone on your timeline says they support Trump.

    18. When your friends catch you mackin' on that ex you swore off months ago.

    19. When you tell your mom you have to go and she starts talking about something new for the next 30 minutes.

    20. When you see a scary movie and pretend it wasn't so bad but you still have to sleep with your lights on.

    21. And finally, your entire human existence.

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