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    Posted on Nov 24, 2014

    21 Reasons You're About To Fall In Love With Luchino The Pug

    There's nothing better than a pug in disguise.

    1. You may recognize Luchino Al Pacino from this ~iconic~ pug shot.

    2. But there's so much more to this dapper gentleman than a rooster nose.

    3. He is a man of many guises.

    4. There is one common thread in all his pictures...

    5. ...he's completely...

    6. ...and utterly...

    7. ...fabulous.

    8. He can even pull off a mustache which is no easy feat.

    9. Who WOULDN'T want to get cuddled up near a fire with this little one?

    10. Don't be fooled though: he knows how to dress for a night on the town.

    11. Honestly, this is almost too much.

    12. His dance moves alone prove that he would be a blast to go out with.

    13. Even though he can clearly party, he can be quite the intellectual when he desires.

    14. And he has very high moral standards.

    15. But he never takes himself too seriously.

    16. He clearly makes friends with everyone he meets...

    17.'s probably because he's full of important ice breakers.

    18. Ever the gentelman, he always makes sure to spend time with his girlfriend.

    19. He's basically the King of cozy.

    20. After all, he is very sensitive.

    21. Even though he looks fab dressed up, he's most adorable as his wonderful, smiley self.

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