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Lena Dunham's Dog, Lamby, Has A Little Human Face And My Heart Is Aching

Pretty sure this dog just changed my life.

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This is Lamby and he has the soulful eyes that say, "I know your secrets; I'll keep them, but know that I know."

He's also the dog of the lovely human Lena Dunham.

But Lamby deserves his own spotlight.

I'm serious. Those eyes, looking into the distance, see the past, present, and future all at once. It's a burden, and he bears it well.

He's also an adorable little guy who sometimes drinks his pee. So what, who cares.

And yeah, he keeps it real and drinks out of the toilet. Is that where his power comes from? The world may never know...


This is undoubtedly a human trapped in an adorable ball of fur and I'm OK with it.

Like, this picture isn't even weird because I feel like I'm looking at two humans.

Again, just two humans, checking out a new teepee.

Lamby is in on that joke because he is a human who understands funny things.

I'm going to pause the "OMG HUMAN!" thing for a second and admire this perfect sleep-tongue action going on.

Oh, Lamby, you can even pull off a sweater-vest. A SWEATER-VEST.

When I peer into these eyes, I feel all of the emotions in the world at once. Am I crying? Am I laughing? Am I angry? I DON'T KNOW, I FEEL IT ALL. IS THIS DOG THE GIVER?

I'm pretty sure that he sees colors and all humans are actually colorblind.

Warning: The following experiment is not for the weak of heart.

Just take another look...


...these eyes.

Thanks, Lamby, for the religious experience. Gonna do some soul-searching now.

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