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Jun 10, 2016

21 Of The Most Awkward Kittens In The World

So fluffy, so clumsy, so cute <3

1. This adorable little guy who learned the hard way not to squeeze into a size too small.

2. This kitten really going for it.

3. This kitten who hasn't learned you can't force friendship.

4. This kitten who's just trying to make her way through this new city.

5. This kitten trying to make a fashun statement.

6. This little dude who ran out of toilet paper at the worst possible moment.

7. This kitten who has no idea what to do with his newest head accessory.

8. And this lady who hasn't quite figured out this whole "flirting" thing.

9. This kitten who went ham on some cat food.

10. And this one who gets an "A" for effort.

11. This little one who just falls asleep wherever, whenever.

12. This youth who's just so amazed by technology.

13. These guys who got duped...

14. ...almost as badly as these guys.

15. This cutie who tried to annoy his big bro and failed miserably.

16. This lady who has zero chill.

17. And this dude who really tried to be brave.

18. This guy who couldn't stop, wouldn't stop, no matter how dumb he looked.

19. These little kittens so confused by one another.

20. This guy who tried showing off a little too hard.

21. And this kitten who honestly sums up most awkward party experiences.

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