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31 Of The Greatest Kitten Moments In History

Kittens: changing lives and warming hearts since the dawn of time.

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1. The Great Cat Collision of the 2000’s.

Why it’s important: Timber, the kitten on the right challenged all-star vet champ, Kittie Kud to a game of chicken. Kittie Kud had been in retirement for a month so it was a HUGE deal when Kittie Kud was like “alright, I’ll do it.” Neither gave up and they tied. No kitten has ever tried such a game since.

2. The Kitten Condo.

Why it’s important: This is this first time in history that cats came together to build a shared living space. Their high rise concept failed to fully catch on within the kitten community but their innovation inspired humans to start building up in cities like “New York” and “Tokyo”.

4. The Champion of Dreams and Snoozes.

Why it matters: This little kitten was cruelly not allowed on the bed of his human counterparts. With extensive training and will power that had never been seen before, he climbed the toughest of stairs and got what was his: a comforter to curl up on.


6. The Bad Cop.

Why it Matters: Herbert the kitten was used to playing the good cop to her partner's "bad cop" when he didn't show up the day a killer iguana came into their precinct. This left her to try and do the "bad cop" bit as well as the "good cop". It worked and now that fly killer is behind bars.

8. The Peace Out Girl Scout.

Why It Matters:This cat went on to be the President of the United States.


10. The Pioneer Kitten.

Why It Matters: This is the first kitten who travelled across the country alone with just her noble steed. Her resources were slim but she forged that river and beat the Oregon Trail with flying colors.

12. The Protestor.

Why It Matters:This little kitten sat in silent protest of being given a haircut against her will. After much contemplation, she decided that her worth was not contingent on her hair. She still filed a restraining order against her humans.


13. The Secret Agent Spy.

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Why it matters: This little kitten was the inspiration for all the Bond movies.

14. The Reluctant Music Festival Guest.

Why It Matters: FOMO can make the most promising of lives turn bleak. LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE EYES, JUST WISHING SHE COULD NOT GO TO COACHELLA.


17. The Huntress Turned Vegetarian.

Why It Matters: After a long day on an rather unsuccessful hunt, this huntress was the first of her kind to actually have a conversation with her prey. She thought about their conversation long and hard and decided to make fish friends, not food.

18. The Worry Wart.

Why It Matters: Just goes to show you: you're never too young to start worrying.

19. The Surprise and the Surprised.

Why It Matters: There are two very important kittens in this scenario: the surprise and the surprised. First, the surprise is important because surprise kittens are ALWAYS important. Second, the surprised accurately sums up how we all feel when we come across a cutie in the wild.

20. The Magician and Her Assistant

Why It Matters:One of the greatest stories of our time, the Magician's assistant suddenly turned into the Magician when she mastered the jar disappearing act no kitten had ever accomplished before.


23. The PG Police.

Why It Matters: This kitten bravely makes sure your T.V. content remains PG and if you don't adhere to it, she will make sure you KNOW it's inappropriate. No matter where you are or what time of night it is, she will be there. Watching out for your best interests.


25. The Scientist.

Why It Matters: This kitten revolutionized the Scientific Method by adding the part where you "test with an experiment". He added it after he discovered the thing that was hitting him was, in fact, his own tail.

27. The Couch.

Why It Matters: This kitten eventually became one with the couch, coining the term "couch potato" when someone accidentally dropped a bag of chips on her head.

28. The Model.

Why It Matters:After this Cat Walk fail, laws were instituted to have age minimums for kittens to get into modeling. After a court ruled that the real cause of the fall was a red dot in the distance, laser pointers were banned from shows.


31. Finally, the Icon.

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Why It Matters: This is undoubtedly the most iconic moment in kitten history. This broke kittens through to the mainstream, it built homes, it brought families together. We will never forget this important moment.