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Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Nov 12, 2015

27 Animals Hilariously Embodied What It Means To Be Human

Animals just get it.

1. When you know the truth:

2. When you're trying to say bye to your mom but she won't stop talking:

3. On love:

4. The awkwardness of existing:

5. Mondays:

6. Getting asked the hard stuff:

7. This harsh reality:

8. When your mom calls you to ask if you thawed the chicken and you completely forgot.

9. The shock of your own face:

10. The importance of naps:

11. When you realize your whole life is a lie:

12. When your mom drops you off at school and tries to give you a kiss.

13. On privacy:

14. And forgetfulness:

15. When you're so close to achieving your dreams but still so far away:

16. Mom lies:

17. When you try so hard but you don't succeed:

18. How stupid people can be:

19. That blue light:

20. That last drop:

21. $$$:

22. When you drink a little too much and can't stop telling your friends how much you love them.

23. The power of friendship:

24. And the power of Nana:

25. Last night horrors:

26. The truth when you say you'll be there in 5:

27. And honestly, just the weight of life:

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