Introducing The Most Dangerous Frenchie On Instagram

Dangerous or just dangerously cute?

1. Meet Danger, the Frenchie who lives on the edge.

2. You may think he’s just a simple gentleman Frenchie, but THINK AGAIN.

3. His dog tag doesn’t even need to say it for you to know.

4. He cut down this tree just by looking at it.

5. He has a small but feisty entourage.

6. Some call him the “James Dean” of Frenchies.

7. But he’s so much more complicated than that…

8. Of course, he’s a little vain.

9. “Better than a lion, better than a cheetah, YOU ARE A FRENCHIE” is just one of his daily affirmations.

10. But he’s actually very spiritual.

11. He has impeccable hygiene.

12. It takes time to make this look dangerous.

13. When he’s ready for the day, the world knows not to mess with him.

14. When you see him on the street, you know to just keep walkin’.

15. His dangerous side gives him a thirst for adventure.

16. He has explored the depths of the most deadly jungles.

17. It’s pretty tiring but someone’s gotta do it.

18. Even when he lays in bed, he daydreams of MORE DANGER.

19. After all, does this look like a face that’s scared of anything?

20. He’s even braved and succeeded in the volatile housing market.

21. He knows how to be adorable and approachable for investors.

22. More importantly, he gets shit done.

23. When everyone’s busy thinking outside the box, he’s not afraid to GO BACK IN.

24. He even uses a bluetooth.

25. This also requires frequent naps.

26. He may be a badass in exploring and business but he has a sensitive side…

27. …and a great sense of humor.

28. So he’s a winner with the ladies.

29. Ok, he might be a bit of a ladies man.

30. Don’t hate the player…

32. At this point, you’re probably wondering about the dichotomy that is DANGER, the Frenchie.

33. Really, he’s just a lover.

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