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In Memoriam: Colonel Meow

One of the internet's most inspiring, lovable cats passed away yesterday. RIP, Colonel Meow.

Like many of the greats, Colonel Meow was born into rough circumstances.

Luckily, he was adopted by a lovely human and he immediately began his plans to take over the world.

Colonel Meow quickly began collecting minions, for he was the best leader they ever knew.

During his life, he started trends...

...planned world domination...

...all the while, maintaining class and an undeniable cool.

All of which made him an icon.

Earlier this year, BuzzFeed was fortunate enough to have him as our new CEO.

There was a righteous coup, leaving his spectacular self in charge.

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Many of his plans led us to successes we had never imagined.

His strength as a leader came from maintaining loving relationships, even with those who annoyed him.

Look how noble. We were all lucky to have had his leadership.

His minions will miss his guiding light and keen leadership skills.

We love you, Colonel Meow. As one minion so aptly put, "May he dominate the afterlife and submit all there to his will..."