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    Posted on Oct 27, 2016

    5 Things That Helped Me Cut The Crap And Embrace Self-Care

    No need to get fancy with it, just treat yo self.

    Hi, I’m Chelsea and like a typical modern-day lady (lol), I tend to forget to take time for myself.


    Logically, I know the benefits of self-care: when I do take that time, I find myself to be way more productive at work, more engaged in my relationships, and generally happier. But it’s still difficult for me to remember that, especially when I need it the most. As in, I’ve been someone who will stubbornly sit at my desk for an hour too long even though I know a walk outside will help clear my mind to do and enjoy my work more efficiently. And then I do it and I’m like, OH YOU DUMB DUMB, YOU SHOULDA DONE THAT HOURS AGO.

    After years of excuses and just plain forgetfulness when it came to taking time for myself, I decided to make my 2016 New Years Resolution a mandatory "Self-care Sunday."

    The alliteration helped me remember to do it, and I keep it simple: I usually paint my nails, put on face mask, and watch a show I like or read a book (if the nail thing isn’t going on). If I’m feelin’ flush or particularly blah, I pay someone else to do paint my nails for me!

    Chelsea Marshall

    But this is all to say: Whatever you do for yourself, however much time you take or how much (or little) money you want to spend, doesn’t matter.

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    Maybe it's reading! Maybe it's making jam! Maybe it's picking some flowers! I don't know you, so I don't know! It doesn’t have to be Sunday, even! Unless you’re like me and the alliteration helps you remember it.

    My 5 main take-aways after 10 months of "Self-Care Sundays":

    1. Self-care means something different to different people, and your routine shouldn’t be compared to anyone else’s.

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    It could be a 10-minute walk around your neighborhood without your phone, dancing in your room by yourself to your favorite song, an at-home DIY facemask, a professional massage or hey, maybe you do as Ben Wyatt and buy that Batman costume you always wanted.

    2. It doesn't need to be expensive!

    I REPEAT: IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE EXPENSIVE. Self-care is an overall great trend but one that people often think of as having a hefty price tag. For so long, I kept myself from doing it because not having an extra $300 to drop to do self-care the "right way" was stressful. Once I realized it could be however cheap or expensive as I wanted, it was liberating!

    3. If nothing else, give yourself 15 minutes.

    A lot of the time, thinking self-care has to be a three-hour event makes people avoid it all together. Giving yourself 15 minutes is a great start and most people have that time. (Or if you don't, take five! I swear you have FIVE MINUTES.)

    4. Reminding myself to recharge on Sunday also helped me give myself smaller breaks during the week, and actually made me MORE productive.

    I don't advise thinking of self-care as prep for working, but if your workaholic brain doesn't let you relax, it may help to remind yourself that taking that time will make you a better worker.

    5. Feeling like I'd improved myself in some small way (yo, baby soft skin, I see you!) helped ease the anxiety of the bigger things I had to tackle.

    Because most of those "big things" can’t be done in a day, a month, or even a year, they can become downright daunting. But checking off a small, manageable "to do" items gave me the solace and peace of mind to go after the big things without being burdened by the fact they weren't accomplished right away.

    In conclusion, my little babies...

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