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How The Royal Dog Is Handling The New Baby

All this talk about the baby and we have forgotten all about a very important part of the Royal Family: Lupo. He has an update...and it isn't too happy.

"Ahhh the good ol' days when I was told I was third in line to be King."

"Sure, I didn't have any official 'birth announcement' but you know what? I didn't need it."

"I could out puppy-eye any baby and birth order is birth order. I was next in line for the throne..."

"After all, Harry loved me."

"Can the baby leap like this? No, I thought not."

"Yeah, okay the baby waved to the crowd but can he deal with brown nosers with such poise? Didn't think so."

"I've even practiced wearing my crown, for good measure."

"Well, I just found out that these smiles were a farce. I am not third in line to be King."

"Despite my regal looks, and clear capabilities, I have been usurped all together."

"I will carry on, yes..."

"...But I will have my revenge..."