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How Leaving A Party Is The Most Awkward, Awful Thing Ever

The "Irish good-bye" is probably the best course of action here. Or just staying home.

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Sometimes it's just time to leave a party. We've all been there.

It's usually (but not limited to) when a jam session breaks out.

But not every good-bye is as simple as a nice, sincere wave.

Usually it's far more awkward than when you really want to leave and your friend insists on staying...


...and you try to make him read your mind but he's JUST STAYING PUT like some sort of social alien.

Or when your other friends act like you're speaking another language when you say you're going to head out.

Or when you do an obvious fake yawn approximately 10 minutes before leaving so you can have a "tired" excuse.

When you've spent so much time thinking about how to leave that you don't notice someone was asking you a question.


When you thought you said your good-byes but then there are more people NEAR THE DOOR.

When you have to pretend like you don't want to leave and then start running as soon as you get out...

When the host says, "Well, we don't want to keep you," and you think it's your chance to leave but then wonder if they just want to know you're having a good time and omg do you have to stay longer now or do they want you to leave???

Or when you're JUST about to leave and they bring out dessert and supposedly you have to stay for dessert.


When you say bye and the host keeps talking and talking, despite your clear lack of interest.

When you FINALLY leave and run into someone from the party on your way out.

OR WORSE: You say bye and then start going in the same direction as one of your friends...

So instead of hitting your breaking point and doing this...


Perfect the best course of action: Leave quickly, before anyone knows what hit 'em.

Some call this the "Irish good-bye"...

Others just call this smart.

So run! Leave quietly if you have to! Experience the freedom of the quiet, anxiety-free exit!