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How Basic Are You?

Everybody's a little bit basic sometimes. Inspired, of course, by this video.

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  1. 1. Take a deep breath and check all that apply because it's time to know if...

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    You don't think you're basic.
    You LOVE bagels.
    You love your bagels scooped.
    You wear makeup to the gym.
    You own a pair of Ugg boots.
    You love Northface.
    You can't get enough of the different versions of "Barre Method."
    You own socks from your favorite workout place.
    You have had a yoga instructor "change your life."
    You love scented candles.
    You have an inspirational quotes Pinterest board.
    You had/have a wedding Pinterest board before you were engaged.
    You follow astrology.
    You have an astrological sign tattoo.
    You've blamed bad things on Mercury being in retrograde.
    You've done this but have no idea what "Mercury in retrograde" means.
    You LOVE brunch.
    You LOVE Instagramming brunch.
    You LOVE tweeting about brunch.
    You have a brunch group.
    You protested when you thought New York was going to take away bottomless brunches.
    You say "margs" instead of margaritas.
    You abbreviate a lot of words.
    You own the "Sex and the City" box set.
    You have a fav spin instructor that everyone MUST try.
    You've taken your heels off on the street after a long night of partying.
    You've drunkenly gotten into a heated discussion over something you have no idea about.
    You've soberly gotten into a heated discussion over something you have no idea about.
    You LOVE vodka sodas because of the lack of calories.
    Splenda is your life blood.
    You love Diet Coke.
    You call diet coke "D.C."
    You love Taylor Swift.
    You identify with the song "22."
    You identify with the song "22" even though you are not 22.
    You love Katy Perry.
    You're pretty sure Miley Cyrus invented twerking.
    You've acted excited about Skinny Margs.
    You've actually been excited about Skinny Margs.
    You've been on a juice cleanse.
    You claim you LOVE doing juice cleanses.
    You've cried, "I need to detox!"
    You've called yourself fat to bond with your friends.
    You've bought something just because it was designer.
    You've bought a fake designer something.
    You've gone to Coachella.
    You've gone to Coachella multiple times.
    You shorten it to "coach" or "'chella."
    You've worn a headband there.
    You've worn Native American–inspired outfits there.
    You don't see that as offensive.
    You've planned out your outfits extensively for Coachella or another music festival.
    You subscribe to GOOP.
    You've followed Gwyneth's advice.
    You have an opinion on Gwyneth.
    You call her "Gwyneth" like you know her.
    You own a juicer.
    You LOVE Jennifer Lawrence.
    You think you're "so weird."
    You've read Nicholas Sparks.
    You LOVE Nicholas Sparks.
    You have ended a relationship because the person was not in line with the love that Nicholas Sparks portrays in his novels.
    You LOVE "The Notebook."
    You watch "Love Actually" every year during the winter.
    You watch "Love Actually" multiple times during the winter.
    You love getting drunk and watching "Bridget Jones' Diary."
    You LOVE white wine.
    "Sweater weather" is a term you use with gusto.
    You consider yourself a "daddy's girl" (or boy).
    You LOVE pumpkin spice.
    You've bought a book because it was one of Oprah's picks.
    You watch "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette."
    You know who Juan Pablo is.
    You love Rita Ora.
    You own Rainbow sandals.
    You've felt personally victimized by Justin Bieber even though you've never met him.
    You've felt personally victimized by Regina George.
    You know who Regina George is and LOVE that reference.
    You have a tattoo on your lower back.
    You have such a cute little tattoo behind your ear.
    You've worn sunglasses on the back of your head.
    You've said "chicks before dicks" and MEANT IT.
    You've said "chicks before dicks" and secretly not meant it.
    Your nails have had "nail art" on them.
    You love a good accent nail.
    You love fro-yo.
    You say "I can't even" when maybe you can.
    You use "literally" very liberally.
    And it sounds like "litrally."
    You love Rachel Zoe and all her projects.
    You've said, "It's almost bikini season!"
    You have lost a single shoe at a party.
    When you get drunk, you find yourself saying "OMG I LOVE YOU!"
    You've said, "OMG he/she is sooo like [insert 'Sex and the City' character's name]."
    You've said ,"OMG he/she is sooo like [insert 'Girls' character's name]"
    You never admit to farting.
    You've told people you never fart.
    You love Starbucks.
    Your Starbucks barista knows your order.
    You get the skinny version of Starbucks drinks.
    You love wearing leggings.
    You've been a "sexy" version of something for Halloween.
    You love "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."
    You actually keep up with them on Instagram.
    You have STRONG opinions on the Kimye Vogue cover.
    You own jean shorts.
    You've made your own jean shorts.
    You were wondering why I was not calling them "jorts."
    You LOVE the royal family.
    You follow what Kate Middleton wears.
    You've bought something Kate Middleton wore (or something similar).
    You waited obsessively for the royal wedding.
    You waited obsessively for the royal baby to be born.
    You love talking about loving Chipotle.
    You only get the burrito bowl at Chipotle.
    You call it "Chipots."
    You want Chipots right now.
    You've called someone a "basic bitch."
    You are really concerned with being basic.

How Basic Are You?

You're not basic at all. You may like a few basic things because you're a human, but are you down-and-out "basic"? Nope. Unless of course, you don't like any of the things because eeeeveryone likes them. Because that's pretty basic too.

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Yeah, you like basic shit. But there's a reason why popular things are popular: They aren't that bad. Go grab a burrito bowl and crack open that D.C. — you deserve it.

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You are basically basic. Not overwhelmingly so, but you do have a basic bitch inside you that grows a little every time you tell someone about your juice cleanse. It's OK! I promise! Weirdly, the first step in becoming less basic is to admit to your basic tendencies.

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You're overwhelmingly basic. It's OK, you like what you like and there's nothing wrong with it. You may never be a "bad bitch" but you're also not a bad person. You're just...basic.

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Author's Note: Basic, in this checklist is meant to be about people who get excited for things that are pretty normal or popular. Hence: "everybody's a little bit basic". It is not meant to put down people who like most of these things. Additionally, this is not the only way to define "basic", as the term has been around way longer than this list.

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