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21 Shibas Who Would Like You To Stop Calling Them "Doge"

"I literally invented Latin, what did Doge ever do?"

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5. "We are starting a movement and it's to ban all people who INSIST on speaking Doge to all shibas."

6. "Oh, you think I am 'much cute'? I also much want to punch you in the face."

7. "I swear to God, if someone starts another sentence with 'much' or 'so', I will FLIP the hell out."

10. "I'm sorry, did you say something? I couldn't hear you behind that barbaric gibberish."

12. "I've read all of Proust IN FRENCH but I bet you wouldn't know that because all you say to me is 'MUCH RESPECT.' THERE IS NO RESPECT IN SAYING THAT TO ME."

13. "No, I am not related to 'Doge.' Please stop asking."

14. "I literally invented Latin. What did Doge ever do?"

15. "How about much SHUT THE HELL UP."

16. "We are all individuals with our own sets of skills."

17. "I am classy and refined and I demand to be treated as such."

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