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42 Dogs Who Found Their Forever Homes In 2015

Any year you find your best friend, is a pretty great year.

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We asked BuzzFeed Community if they had the fortune of adopting a pet this year. Here are just some of the cuties who were submitted.

1. Ellie who couldn't contain her excitement as she rode home for the very first time.

heatherlashaelr / Via

2. Marty who was ready to add laughs to his new family.

mmburnett2 / Via

3. This buddy who immediately fell in love with his new friend.

huhwhathuh1998 / Via

4. Peach and Opal who found a forever home with their humans and each other.

brediculousss / Via

5. And Winslow who finally found a family to share his fuzzy self with.

mpmb / Via

6. Duff who was shy at first but loves being at home with his blanket and (now-shredded) Ducky.

a42fc3f2a0 / Via

7. And this very good boy who back-seat drove the entire way home but he was too cute for anyone to mind.

sarahw731 / Via

8. Todd who got to swing by the beach before he was introduced to the rest of the fam.

summerreign / Via

9. Smoochie-Wallace who finally gets all the smooches he deserves.

nicolevonh2 / Via

10. And River who got to sleep in a bed for the first time.

taradanielle / Via

11. Blanche who kept up the sass when she met her new cat, George.

bent46e4a4641 / Via

12. Mia who went from sleeping outdoors, to snoozin' indoors on her very own bed.

k4f7b7e2a9 / Via

13. And Bailey who is just so eager to show how good of a boy he can be!

psherman / Via

14. Jack who loves takin' snoozes on his new human's pillows.

j40fb40367 / Via

15. And Maxi who's all about relaxin' now.

minalshah0726 / Via

16. Remi who found her forever home in June after a life of being in and out of shelters.

laurenm49f7852b0 / Via

17. And Biscuit who took her opportunity at a new life to help others by becoming a service dog.

heatherc439e5f25b / Via

18. Buddy who is here to steal hearts with that lil smile.

laylad / Via

19. Dexter who couldn't believe his luck when he found his forever human his first day in the pound.

t47725abb8 / Via

20. Crystal who knew she found her best friend when they looked into each other's eyes.

nicoles41eb4f14a / Via

21. Moose who immediately made himself comfortable in his human's bed his first day home.

feministbutt / Via

22. And Stella who now gets to receive hugs all day.

meghanp412beb349 / Via

23. Bear who found the perfect snuggle spot on his first day home.

kerbearl / Via

24. And goofy Wilson who was rescued from a high-kill shelter.

rebeccah408cf9e07 / Via

25. Whiskey who gets to enjoy snoozes like this forever.

j4dd11efd1 / Via

26. Charlie Asta Xavier who has a positive outlook on life now that he's found the love he deserves.

othydw / Via

27. And this buddy who found just the right spot to snuggle with his duck.

corib / Via

28. This gal who crawled up and took a nap her first day home.

abbya442de83d6 / Via

29. Poseidon and Theodore who are the best boys in the whole world.

jennyc46ae6051e / Via

30. And Archer, before and after he found out he was adopted.

aprilwlundy / Via

31. Neko got to enjoy her first trip to the dog park.

auroraboreallison / Via

32. And this guy who got to experience the unique freedom of putting your head out the window.

samanthad57 / Via

33. Shy little Henry who got all the snuggles.

abbya442de83d6 / Via

34. Pippin' who now gets to share his little smile with his family everyday!

liveinlove / Via

35. Miss Zara who couldn't stop smiling on her first day home.

carriea44282b9e5 / Via

36. Laika who's all "who me?" when you call her cute but really she's saying "yeah, duh!"

refinnejt / Via

37. This little pillow pal who just wants to cuddle all day every day.

courtmew4 / Via

38. This pup who tells her human how much she loves her until she literally falls asleep.

graceb401649015 / Via

39. Hercules Mulligan who's finally getting to live life as his truest, wookie self.

40. Zoey who is now the constant, loving friend that her human needed.

bryanr421d4f72f / Via

41. This buddy who just can't wait for what the future holds now that he found the warmth and comfort of a home.

emmas418a0ed19 / Via

42. And finally Lucille Bluth who enjoys all the snuggles and playtime she has always deserved.

kittt / Via

Interested in finding your new best friend? Check out your local shelter or online at Pet Finder!

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