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13 Spooky Stories That Will Actually Scare A TwentySomething

It's scary out there in your twenties.

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1. The Trembling Thumbs

In a lone cabin, in the middle of the woods, a bored woman is scrolling through her Instagram feed when suddenly, she comes across her dashing and mysterious crush. Seemingly without control, she starts obsessively going through his pictures. And then...out of no where...her thumb trembles over a picture from 6 months ago. She liked it and there was no turning back.

2. The Family Plan

An intern checks her e-mail early one morning. Her mother's email is at the top of the box, the subject line: "Phone Plan". Scared but calm, she clicks and gasps at the contents: "Your father and I don't think you should be on the Family Plan anymore. You have until the end of the month to get on your own plan. Love you, Mom". Shattered and broken, the intern goes back to her job search.

3. The Baby Takeover

Late one night, Charlie was watching T.V. when suddenly it went out. Bored with nothing to do, he perused Facebook. Baby picture, after baby picture, after baby picture filled his timeline. "WHEN WILL THE MADNESS STOP??" he screamed at his reflection in the mirror. "Never. It will never stop," his Facebook teased back.

4. The Devastating Death

After a long winter hibernating with her Netflix and bed, Denise knew it was time to be brave: go to a party where she only knew one person. Everything started out fine: they got a drink and met a few people. Denise's friend had to go to the bathroom but she felt okay. She could handle this crowd by herself with her trusty phone. At the end of an awkward conversation where everyone turned away, she felt comfort looking to the screen when out of NO WHERE, her phone died. And along with it, part of herself.

5. HBO Gone

A couple was out on a date and everything is going well. They decided to head back to her place: "I have my friend's cousin's friend's parent's HBO Go password," she enticed. As they snuggled, she seductively typed in the password but something was not right. "The username and/or password is incorrect" blared across the screen like a dagger through the heart. She typed it in again, slowly this time. "The username and/or password is incorrect" taunted. She texted her friend immediately, "WHAT HAPPENED, WHAT HAPPENED". Her only reply came shortly after, "My friend's parents must've changed it :/".

6. The Voicemail

The unknown number kept calling his phone...over and over again. Right when he thought it was all over, his phone beeped: a voicemail was left.

7. The Ticking Clock

After a year of not seeing her family, Betty came home for Thanksgiving. The evening started out normally, when out of nowhere a relative asked about her love life. "Just focusing on me!" Betty said cheerfully. Aunts and Grandmothers circled her like buzzards: "So funny, your mother had you by the time she was your age"

"Oh yes, I met your uncle when I was 2 years younger than you."

"Your beauty won't last forever, gotta snag a man."

"The biological clock is a real thing."

"Don't worry, sweetie, you'll find someone!".

Betty drank all the wine that night.

8. "K"

Will got his crush's number and when he finally got up the nerve to text her, things went well. That is, until he asked her if she wanted to hang out on Saturday. He could see she was replying with the "..." moving in the text box. He kept staring at it, hypnotized by the potential of her response. 10 minutes....20 minutes....30 minutes went by. Still just a "...". He tried to go on with his day but he kept just seeing that "...". Finally, after hours of anguish he got a reply!! Palms sweating, he swiped his phone to open the text to see her response: "k".

9. The Tinder Test

Swiping through Tinder, Lane came to an abrupt halt: "is that my high school Math teacher?"

10. The Hangover

After a long night out partying with friends, Stephanie woke up in her bed...HUNGOVER FOR THE FIRST TIME.

11. Sallie

Winona was nervous for her blind date with Sallie but decided to go anyway. At the coffee shop, she saw a woman in a light blue pantsuit but thought that couldn't be her: she looked too stern. Winona sat a few tables away when suddenly she approached, "Winona? I'm Sallie Mae and we need to talk."

12. Roomies

There once was a woman who moved in with her high school friend. They seemed compatible: they loved "Scandal", Chinese food and their own space. A month into it, the woman started to notice plates were missing. Too tired from her job, she didn't really look into it until one night when her roommate was out. There was a faint smell coming from her room and when she opened the door she found...all the missing dishes covered in various take out.

13. The Call Came From Inside Her Pocket

A woman walked down a dark street when her phone rang.

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