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31 Times Dogs Proved They're The Best People

Sometimes it takes a canine to remind us how to be good people.

1. This firefighter.

2. This dog who leaned in REALLY close to make sure she knew what her little sister was saying.

3. This mother of the century.

4. These two very hard office workers.

5. This VERY patient big brother.

6. ..and this one.

7. This dog who scored the winning basket.

8. This dog who reminded us it's important to enjoy the small things in life.

9. This dog who always respects what his human finds important, even if he doesn't understand it.

10. This pup who devoted her time to support the troops.

11. This puppy who is always VERY polite when he comes back indoors.

12. This one who will do ANYTHING to snuggle with his best friend.

13. This dog who is always up for a hug, day or night.

14. And this one who knows just what you need when you've had a bad day.

15. This dog who was beside his best friend's side, always and forever.

16. And this one who can't wait to grow into his service outfit.

17. This lady who only kind of misses her pre-baby naptime.

18. This designated driver.

19. And this wonderful nanny.

20. This dog who is the best baby comforter ever.

21. This dog who is patiently trying to teach his sister how to crawl.

22. And this dog who put aside differences and befriended an abandoned baby pig.

23. This dog who is willing to tell you when you're being a dumb-dumb, just as a best friend should.

24. This dog who will never stop protecting his human.

25. This dog who never hesitates to rise to the occasion...

26. ...and this one who will do anything for a friend in need.

27. This dog who doesn't care if you're a cat, he will love you anyways.

28. This dog who tries to make your exercise regimen seem more fun every day.

29. This dog who knows the importance of listening to his pal.

30. This one who lives for cheering you up.

31. And this one who has literally never done anything wrong in his entire life.

Thanks for being awesome, dogs!

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