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21 Corgi Tushes To Put A Little Extra Fluff In Your Day

Ain't no butt like a corgi butt cause a corgi butt IS SO FLUFFY.

1. The corgi meeting is officially in session. Today's objective: put more fluff in your day.

2. Corgis everywhere are worried you're just not getting enough.

3. But fear not: they have the ability to make EVERYONE'S day better with all the fluff they have to give.

4. Look, it's easy for corgis to get it: they just have to look in the mirror!

5. First, let's start with the gift that is a corgi butt. Look at it's little toes sticking out from that fluff!!

6. Yep, ~still~ got it.

7. The fluffiest struggle is one of corgi-kind's greatest gifts to mankind.

8. It's not all about the tush. The gift of the corgi extends to sneakiness...

9. ...a display of really, truly living the dream...

10. ...and the ability to meditate in a world full of basics.

11. Even when the fluff is all snuggly, it's there to make your day just a little bit cuter.

12. Look at the magic!

13. Look at the balance!

14. Sometimes corgis even surprise themselves with how cute they are!

15. This corgi made Pluto cuter just by sitting near him.

16. It's not an easy job being this cute, sometimes corgis have to risk extreme embarrassment to get that to you.

17. Here's a corgi transferring his cute power over to a cat in need.

18. And this one to a man.

19. Basically, corgis make everything 100% better and they're here for you.

20. Now, go forth with the power of the corgi and have a cuter day!!!

21. Bye!!

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