15 Fictional Animals Who Should Stay In Their Books

    In "The Book of Imaginary Beings," Jorge Luis Borges put together a compendium of more than a hundred strange creatures imagined throughout history. These are just some of the ones we can be glad (and maybe a little sad) are not actually real.

    1. The Strong Toad

    2. The Kilkenny Cat

    3. The Catoblepas

    4. The Axehandle Hound

    5. The Amphisbaena

    6. The Three-Legged Ass

    7. The Carbuncle

    8. The Crossbreed

    9. The Celestial Cock

    10. The Hsing-Tien

    11. The Ink Monkey

    12. The Bird That Makes the Rain

    13. The Buraq

    14. The Ping Feng

    15. The Chonchon