24 Things That Prove You’re An Improv Nerd

Between the late nights and the inside jokes, here are some ways you can spot an improviser from a mile away.

1. This man is basically God.

2. One of these places is probably your Mecca (or at least your second home)…

There are plenty of other improv theatres around the country (like the PIT in NYC), but these four theatres/schools are the powerhouses.

3. …and you will readily spout off many facts about the history and philosophies of the different training centers…

4. …even though your friends look like this when you do.

5. Your closet looks like this:


6. Sending Facebook invites to your improv shows could cost you friendships at this point.

7. “PINEAPPLE!” is a suggestion you’ve heard maybe a million times.

8. You know how to hold a gun and a phone in a scene.

These are NOT guns.

Who holds a phone like this?!



9. Shows and practices should start at least 15 minutes later than what they’re scheduled as because literally everyone will be late.

10. When you’re laughing about something with all your improv friends and your one non-improviser buddy is like…


11. This is TJ Jagodowski and Dave Pasquesi, but you already knew that.

12. When people say “You do improv? Tell me a joke!” or “Put this in one of your improvs!” this becomes your face forever.

13. You’ve definitely started a scene by…

…mixing in a bowl.

…saying “Johnson, get in here.”

Flickr: 99051133@N00

…chopping, like, anything.

Flickr: 93352468@N00


14. This is how you watched a comedic TV show or movie…

…before improv.


…after improv.



15. Basically, you’re too busy analyzing jokes to appreciate life anymore.

16. Here are some ridiculous improv team names that are probably at least as bad as yours:

- InDIE Pak Chopra
- Mother Shuckers
- The Pun-ishers
- Christopher Walk-On
- CrayHola
- The Gigglyboo’s

17. You continue to blatantly force dialogue in your scenes to call out which familial relationship you’re in, even though you’d never actually do that in real life to your real family.

“Thanks, sister.”

18. You know the philosophy behind these guys.


19. You recognize your friends and teachers in commercials or other acting gigs.


20. Looking like this is a normal day of practice and should not be questioned.

21. You’ve indulged in some, well, interesting pop culture trends in order to make correct references during shows.

22. Ready for the Del Close Marathon each year?


23. Performing in a mostly empty bar/restaurant is just as sad as it sounds.

But still, getting to perform at all is thrilling.

24. You know these rules for improv are also rules for life.

So, even though improv might’ve made you a crazier person…

…it also made you a better person.

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