19 Photos Of Esther, The Most Wonderful Pig You Need To Meet

Some pig, alright!

1. Meet Esther, the Wonder Pig.

2. She lives with her two dads and sister dog, Shelby, in Georgetown, Ontario.

3. Esther’s dads bought this cutie, thinking she was a “micro pig.”

4. But, as many alleged micro pigs do, she kept growing…

5. …and adorably growing…

6. …Until she grew into her sassy self at 400 lbs.

7. While many pig owners would have given her up, these two dads decided to keep and love the lady they raised.

8. According to their website, Esther has influenced them to eat and live more humanely, and they encourage others to do the same.

9. And how can you blame them when you look at this cuddle session??

10. Plus, she really is just part of the family.

11. They love Esther but they are not attempting to glamorize the pet pig lifestyle: it is hard work.

On their Facebook page, they write: “We absolutely DO NOT advise anyone to take on a pig like Esther in their homes. We have made this decision for two reasons. First of all; we were misled regarding what Esther was when we got her. People need to know the potential risks you’re opening yourself up to with a pig. We expected a mini pig, Esther is what we got. Please do plenty of research and consider adoption of your pig if you really feel you are up to being a piggy parent. It is an amazing experience and she has changed our lives in amazing ways however; it was a ton of work.”

12. Let’s just pause and admire this wondrous sleeping beauty!

14. Not only is she the cutest napper…

15. …No, seriously, THE cutest napper…

16. …but her winter fashion game is on point.

17. Esther’s owners are now hoping to open their own sanctuary, to give a home to discarded or abused animals like Esther.

They’re actually fundraising through their website!

18. And with a face like this, can you blame them for falling in love??

19. To find out more about Esther and her dads, visit her website or Facebook page.

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