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    Posted on Sep 17, 2015

    14 Drinks Lindsey Graham Would Drink In The Oval Office

    "Welcome to the oval, would you like a Donald Palmer or Kimm's Cup?"

    In the CNN Republican debates, Lindsey Graham said the first thing he would do as president is have everyone "drink more". Here are some of his favorite* cocktails:

    Alex Wong / Getty Images / BuzzFeed


    1. Graham Old Fashioned


    -1 1/2 oz Rye whiskey

    -2 dashes Angostura bitters

    -1 Sugar cube


    -Crumbled up Graham Crackers, to taste

    2. Reagan, Rum, and Coke


    -2 shots of rum

    -Splash of Coke

    -Shout for 5 minutes into the drink about "Reagan's stellar presidency"

    -Stir three times

    -Drink at 3 PM sharp

    3. Jindal and Tonic


    -3 Shots of Gin

    -1 Part Tonic

    -Best Served while doing 100 push-ups

    4. The "Thank You Senator"


    -1 oz whiskey

    -1 oz lemon juice

    -4 drops of tears, two from each eye.

    Warning: This will get you drunk very quickly.

    5. The "Thank You Governor"

    -Same as the "Thank You Senator" but with a side of warm "shut the hell up."

    6. Kimm's Cup


    -8 oz of seltzer

    -Splash of Franzia

    Scott Olson / Getty Images / Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

    7. Donald Palmer


    -1/3 Lemonade

    -/1/3 Iced Tea

    -1/3 Vodka.

    Pro-Tip: Get as drunk as possible, never apologize.

    8. Carly Colada


    -3 oz Pineapple juice

    -1 oz White Rum

    -1 oz Coconut Cream

    -7 oz of shutting down questions about appearance

    9. Saz-Iraq


    -1/4 oz Absinthe

    -One sugar cube

    -1 1/2 oz Rye whiskey


    -20,000 more troops for some reason, maybe, we'll see.

    10. Ted Booze


    -One part Cristal

    -One part Molson Canadian

    11. Plane-Gria


    -1 full bottle of wine

    -1 half bottle of Rum

    -Mull with various American fruits

    -Best served in front of Reagan's plane but any U.S. plane will do.

    12. Bottle of Water from Marco Rubio


    -16 oz of Marco Rubio's finest, bottled, non-California water.

    13. Getalong Island Iced Tea


    -1 Part Ice Tea

    -1 Part Vodka

    -1 Part Tequila

    -3 Parts Trump and Putin sitting cross-legged, making BFF Bracelets.

    14. Precious Moments


    -1 Part Jindal's Gin

    -1 Part St. Germain

    -1 Lemon, cut into quarters

    -A dash of baby's breath

    Pro-Tip: Only look directly at the drink if you have the eyes of an angel.

    Scott Olson / Getty Images / Thinkstock / BuzzFeed


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