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    12 Wicked Hot Buns

    Dare you to find hotter buns than these.

    1. This hot bun ready for school.

    2. This modestly shy little bun.

    3. This little bun who is too hot to even deal right now.

    4. These hot buns who found each other and it's beautiful.

    5. This little guy who's just realizing his own heat.

    6. This pocket bun keeping warm in the coolest way possible.

    7. Same with this little dude.

    8. These three hot betches.

    9. And this one who uses her hotness to help out some bebe birds.

    10. This guy who gets his heat level up with hours of parkour.

    11. This guy who is so hot he just has to nap it off.

    12. And finally, the hot buns of this hot bun.