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    29 Times Cats Continued To Be Complete Jerks

    In case you were beginning to think otherwise, cats can be real dinguses.

    1. This cat who flushes the toilet every time his human is on the toilet.

    2. This stink bomber.

    3. This cat who fake laughs at all his human's jokes and then makes sure he KNOWS how lame they are. Really cruel.

    4. This cat who got a little too heated in an otherwise professional business meeting.

    5. Everything about this is just wrong, cruel, and needs to be stopped.

    6. This car-stealing cat.

    7. This troublemaker who has no respect, even for her own kind.

    8. This cat who slapped this dog FOR BREATHING.

    9. This cat who will stop at nothing to sabotage all who wish to break her card-stacking world record.

    10. This dingus who physically imprisoned the third cat.

    11. This cat who is single-pawedly attempting to bring down the U.S. Postal Service.

    12. This cat who waited until you got home so you could actually see Christmas dying.

    13. This cat who doesn't believe in affection.

    14. Look, this parrot was just trying to have a heart-to-heart, but this cat would not have any of it.

    15. This prime example of why we can't let cats have nice things.

    16. This cat, while showing supreme commitment, is stubbornly rude to his best friend.

    17. This cat who MADE SURE there was enough room for the cup to crash down to its doom.

    18. This cat who totally takes advantage of this dude's hard work.

    19. And this cat who's trying to sabotage your date by throwing out your deodorant.

    20. This cat who has zero appreciation for your celebratory efforts.

    21. This bully who realizes he was caught and just walks away like he didn't do anything. For real, dude? WE HAVE YOU ON VIDEO.

    22. This kitten who is SO RUDE to his mother.

    23. And this mother who is SO RUDE to her kitten.

    24. This cat who locked this dog out of HIS OWN HOUSE. Like, she doesn't even LIVE there.

    25. This cat who cannot appreciate a gentle wake-up call.

    26. This cat who FLIPPED out at one of her fans. Honestly, I know paparazzi are annoying, but this is not the appropriate response, cat.

    27. This cat who took ~extreme~ measures to not watch the Super Bowl this year.

    28. This cat who has zero appreciation for all things cute and fluffy.

    29. And finally, the cat who did this.

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