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    Jul 25, 2014

    33 Dogs Winning At Life

    Sometimes we need a little canine inspiration.

    1. Jenny.

    2. This dog who's the champion of the dogs for the day.

    3. This dog who is miraculously pulling off a Hawaiian shirt.

    4. This dog who doesn't have any time for lifting anything.

    5. I mean...

    6. This lady who sees a challenge, accepts, and conquers in less than 30 seconds.

    7. This dog who will not abide by your rules.

    8. This dog who knows how to enjoy the little things.

    9. This guy.

    10. This dog who knows how to do summer correctly.

    11. This dog who doesn't need no human telling him when he can fetch.

    12. This corgi getting her nails did.

    13. This QUEEN.

    14. This dog with good A to B strategy.

    15. Yep.

    16. And this.

    17. This Shiba who embraces carpooling like a champ.

    18. This lady who knows how to follow summer's stripe trends.

    19. This dog who knows how to take hold of every moment, at whatever cost.

    20. This dog who somehow talked this cat into giving him a massage.

    21. And this bulldog who was able to do the same.

    22. Nothing beats this relax-a-pug though.

    23. This dog who learned this cat's secret and can forever taunt her accordingly.

    24. This pug who knows sometimes you have to have your own secret fun time.

    25. This dog.

    26. This dog who refuses to be stereotyped and "doggypaddle" for you.

    27. This dog who tried really hard for what he wanted and kind of, sort of succeeded.

    28. This dog who gets all the high fives in the world.

    29. This chihuahua who knows how to keep her fabulous cool.

    30. This dog who just knows how to have FUN.

    31. This hitchhiker.

    32. This dog who knows how to have a champion spa day.

    33. And finally, this dog who doesn't care about your "rules" or your "medals".

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