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    17 Dogs Who Really Want To Be Your Valentine

    You won't find a better date, TBH.

    1. "Hey, my human. I've been meaning to ask you something. Will you be my Valentine?"

    2. "Please?"

    3. "I'm pretending I didn't mean to ask you out the day before Valentine's Day but I totally did."

    4. "Wanna go to dinner with me? How 'bout now?"

    5. "Look, I'm just putting my heart out there."

    6. "Don't you love me??"

    7. "If you let me be your Valentine, I promise I'll give you all the snuggles!"

    8. "I'll let you kiss me with red lipstick! I won't even wipe it off."

    9. "Let's celebrate our mutual love and respect with some Netflix?"

    10. "Girl, just put away that OKCupid and let me be your date this year."

    11. "Yes, I just farted. It means I like you."

    12. "I bought you this wine, NBD, ya know?"

    13. "I've been practicing our secret handshake for this very occasion!"

    14. "If you'll be mine, I'll give you all the kisses."

    15. "Why WOULDN'T we spend Valentine's Day together??"

    16. "Our smiles go together like PB+J."

    17. "I eagerly await your response."

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