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21 Dogs Who Just Realized Mall Santa Is Huge A Phony

And they are not happy about it.

1. The first one to find out:


3. This guy who just realized this is definitely NOT Santa and is too afraid to stop smiling.

4. This guy who can SMELL this isn't really Santa.

5. This son who's father insists on dressing up every. year.

6. These two who knew the minute they sat down that this was not Santa.

7. This guy who cannot believe how dumb his siblings are.

8. This pup who is literally terrified and has no idea why you didn't save him.

9. This distraught puppy who is questioning the entire existence of Santa.

10. This pitty who just can't understand his fate.

11. This pug who did not deserve to be fed the lies that led him to this point.

12. This boxer who just wants an end to all the madness.

13. This pup who did not get the memo.

14. This guy at his wit's end.

15. This little guy who does not understand why NO ONE WILL LISTEN.

16. This mortified squishface.

17. The one who had zero words.

18. This one who is so scared he risks vomiting everywhere.

19. This pood who has no idea if she just made a pact with the devil or not.

20. This kid who feels like he's been duped.

21. This one would be more scared except for one thing...

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