23 Dogs Who Just Need A Vacation

    Being a dog isn't all fun and games.

    1. She's starting to feel like this everyday.

    2. He keeps falling asleep at his computer.

    3. Frequent trips to the hallway to do this is usually a sign of vacation needs.

    4. She's so tired of doing a mouse's job.

    5. Happy to attend every dance, needs a break once in a while.

    6. He hasn't seen sunshine in 3 months.

    7. Not enough sleep = not enough exercise.

    8. There's only so many times he can listen to you learn to read.

    9. He's been staring into the distance for 3 hours.

    10. Construction is hard work. A nice massage might do the trick.

    11. Pug life isn't all fun and games.

    12. He's been stressed about this PB situation for weeks.

    13. She needs a vacay to reflect on what her company represents.

    14. She found a convenient place to nap at work but if she's real with herself, she needs a beach.

    15. He's just tired.

    16. Hey dog, sometimes you just got to step away from the challenge for a bit to conquer it.

    17. Even those who get to spend all day outdoors need a little R+R once in a while.

    18. He lost the yodeling competition, needs to get away from it all.

    19. Sick of this shit.

    20. Getting ready for work is increasingly hard for this pup.

    21. They've been wearing Hawaiian shirts everyday to the office. Still never been to Hawaii.

    22. Hopefully they quit longing for that vacation...

    23. ...And just go for it!