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17 Dogs Who Just Need A Day Off

These pups are us.

1. This corgi who's just not having the best week.

2. This dog who just needs a day without the boops.

3. This pup who's been playing too hard lately.

4. And this one who just can't catch a break.

5. This goober who is tired asking for treats.

6. This personal shopper who out-shopped himself.

7. This babysitter whose patience is truly being tested.

8. And this mom who just needs a moment of peace and quiet.

9. This lifeguard who maybe needs his own saving.

10. And this dog who just wants ONE day off from playing fetch.

11. This gal who is sick and tired of people commenting on her weight.

12. This dog who can't with stairs.

13. And this one who just can't in general.

14. This watchdog who really needs to switch shifts.

15. This puppy who needs a break from screens.

16. This one who is so sleepy she can't even enjoy her stick.

17. And finally, this gentleman who isn't getting anymore work done today anyways.

This post was inspired by sarawarpsw BuzzFeed <3's you!