23 Dogs Who Just Found Out They’re Adopted

There comes a time in every dog’s life when she realizes…she isn’t human.

1. “So my friends told me all dogs are adopted but that doesn’t include me, right?”

2. “You need to give it to us straight, we deserve as much.”

3. “That’s such a funny joke, Mom….Mom?”

4. “Wait, so you’re serious? I’m adopted.”

5. “If I’m not human like you say, does that mean you’re a dog? Or…wait. What??”

6. “I need a moment alone.”

7. “But you taught me the ways of the goofy face.”

8. “I’m stunned, I can’t even…are you trying to hypnotize away this SHOCK?”

9. “I’m downright shocked, I can’t right now. I’m too cool for this kind of craziness.”

10. “NO! You may not placate me with a toy right now. (Maybe later.)”

11. “If I’m not human, my whole life…has been a lie.”

12. “No. No way. You cannot have my love after such a heinous lie.”

13. “I thought pooping outside was a privilege family members earned.”

14. “Are you saying my treats aren’t real bacon either??”

15. “Shut your fat mouth.”

16. “But I fit in perfectly in family portraits!”


18. “And our inside jokes! Are they all for naught?”

19. “I can still sleep in your bed right??”

20. “Is it the stuff on my tongue? I can fix that, that can be negotiated, OK?”

21. “Oh. You say you still love me the same?”

22. “And I can still snuggle like the rest of the family?”

23. “OK, good. Let’s snuggle and forget this ever happened.”

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