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19 Dogs Standing Up To Sochi's Deplorable Treatment Of Stray Dogs

In preparation for the Olympics, the city of Sochi has been killing stray dogs, with the justification that they are "biological waste." In response, the hashtag #sochidogs has formed among more fortunate pups standing up against the practice and the sickening term.

1. This is Pete and Tally, the pups who started the whole thing.

2. Scout and Bailey

3. Little Libby

4. Haus

5. Doug

6. Smith

7. Roscoe

9. Dakota and Max

10. Poppy

11. Oliver

12. Rylie and Penny

13. June

14. Alfie

15. Lastly, this one sums the whole thing up:

You can add your own dog protesting in the comments below or sign one of the many petitions circulating.