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17 Dogs Who Deserve All The Gold Medals

The most competitive game of them all.

1. This patient goof allowing his human to tuck him in.

2. This pup who knows the purest joke is an unexpected hat.

3. This gentleman who just learned he could stand in a pool.

4. This corgi who doesn't care if he looks dumb, as long as he makes you laugh.

5. This one who gets 10/10 for embodying goofdom in just a look.

6. And this sweety pie smiler.

7. This up and coming Groucho Marx.

8. And this lady laughing her way through her fails.

9. This beauty who never wants to be taken too seriously.

10. This one who totally meant to eat that bee for the joke. Yep, definitely meant to do that.

11. This classic photobomber.

12. This champ who has trained years to accomplish this level of silliness.

13. This guy who definitely just farted.

14. And this lady who knows how to ~play it cool~.

15. This adorable dummy.

16. And this silly who just wants to make this cat smile.

17. And finally, this guy who gets a gold medal in using goofiness to get out of trouble.

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